Lecture/demo at Miami U

Marv and his wife Joan used to enjoy getting away to Florida in the winter, but Marv wasn’t content to sit in the sun all day. He would contact drummers in the area and set up impromptu clinics or lessons. We found a video of one of these sessions, filmed at Miami U, which has been uploaded to YouTube.

In it he introduces material from his three most popular books: Accent on Accents, 4-Way Coordination (both co-authored with Elliot Fine) and Drum Set Control.

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Accompanying handouts:


Polyrhythms – the missing continuation of the 4-Way Coordination book


It is perhaps a little-known fact that Marv Dahlgren and Elliot Fine intended to write a second book of 4-Way Coordination as a continuation of the ideas presented in the final two pages of the first book (titled “Advanced Polyrhythmics”). Although the second volume never appeared, Marv did write a 16-page set of exercises on his own, exploring these concepts. The article is available for $10 (hard copy or pdf download) at Really Good Music, LLC

Sample Page

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